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watercolour pictureCreate a Watercolour on Canvas
Step by Step!

Join us in February at the West Perth Public Library for a series of step by step instructional lessons on painting a watercolour on canvas. Each session will be led by local watercolour artist, David Doyle.

Session One (~1-2 hrs)      Thursday, Feb. 01   6 – 8 pm

You will be supplied with an 11” x 14” “gallery style” pre-gessoed canvas. Each participant will learn to treat their canvas with two coats of watercolour ground.

While the canvases are drying, the remainder of the time will be a brief introduction/demonstration to the rest of the sessions.

Sessions Two, Three and Four     Thursday, Feb. 08, 15, 22  6 – 8 pm

Step by step instruction on “mapping out” and drawing your composition to “laying down” basic colours, and finally, finishing your painting. A spray finish will be applied and hanging hardware applied.

Session Five     Thursday, March 01     6 – 7 pm

All participants are encouraged to come together to share their experience and show off their paintings.

A minimum of six participants is required with a maximum of ten. Registration deadline is up until the time of the first class. Please sign up at the library.

Cost: $80. Per participant

What’s included:

One 11” x 14” “gallery style” canvas
Absorbent ground
One utility brush
One pencil
One bar of soap
One can of spray fixative
Hanging hardware

Extra Costs (if required)
One high quality tube watercolour paint set
6 colour set $35.
12 colour set $62.
One set of synthetic watercolour brushes
#2 round, #8 round, #12 round, 1” wash
Please give advance notice if you wish to order any of the extra supplies. For further details please contact David Doyle at or 519-272-7963.