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Downloadable audio, e-books & e-video

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Helpsheets for downloading audio and e-books

Device Profiles

Troubleshooting Help

Download e-books and audiobooks and watch streaming video on your computer, e-reader, tablet and many other mobile devices.

girl reading a book

If you have a newer device, you can use the new 'Libby' app.

Find more information on how to use Libby here.

What you need

  • Internet access
  • A valid library card from one of the Perth County libraries and your PIN (usually the last 4 numbers of your telephone number)
  • The instructions for your device (found below)

  • There are never any late charges!
  • Lending periods can be for 7, 14, or 21 days and a maximum of 15 items can be checked out at one time
  • Audiobooks and e-books can be returned early


girl reading a book
Instructions for downloading ebooks and e-audio to smartphone or tablet using 'Libby  

Instructions for downloading audiobooks (pdf file)

Instructions for downloading e-books to computers and dedicated e-readers (pdf file)

Instructions for downloading e-books and e-audio to mobile devices - Android (pdf file)

Instructions for downloading e-books and e-audio to mobile devices - iOS (pdf file)

The Kindle Fire is now compatible.  Instructions for downloading to Kindle Fire (pdf file) (courtesy of Stratford Public Library - select West Perth Public Library when logging into downloadLibrary)

Returning e-books early 

Device Profiles

Please see downloadLibrary's website for device profiles to give you a snapshot of how popular devices can be used with digital titles.

Troubleshooting Help

Troubleshooting guide from downloadLibrary

You may be unable to log in or check out items if your library card has expired.  Please contact the library to resolve the issue.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us at 519-348-9234 to set up a time to come see us and get assistance.